Blame Game



I had a dream about turning a pair of old work boots from the worst job I ever had into a conversation piece. The topic which came to mind was gentrification and who is to blame. I believe it's all of our fault when people lose their communities to other groups. As a Dominican and Puerto Rican who grew up with alot of African American friends, I can't agree our displacement is just "the white peoples" fault, when collectively most of us spend our money on everything but "the hood" or place we come from. So instead of ONLY blaming the rich, "hipsters" and white folk I thought we should also take responsibility. I took a copy of the night subway map and repurposed it into a collage of sorts. Added brands that we spend unnecessarily with, companies which I believe symbolize the hyper revitalization of a neighborhood and my take on each locations gentrification status. I made this piece in hopes awareness is raised for not just my people but all people, so we can come together and take care of what is ours. Hopefully an example can be set for the groups sitting across the table from eachother and they can all make a difference in the world by helping one another

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